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Yasmin’s Paris wedding

« Stephanie was recommended to us by a friend. Initially we hadn’t planned to use a wedding planner for our Paris wedding, but looking back I’m not sure what we would have done without her!

We initially started working with Stephanie to arrange transportation to and from the wedding venue, and then added babysitting services, and then asked for her help to communicate with all our vendors, and finally asked her for day-of (and preceding days) support. In the end she was a crucial part of the wedding, and we can’t imagine our Paris wedding without her. There were so many things she took care of, things we never even anticipated, and her prices are incredibly reasonable and transparent, something that we really appreciated given we were working on a budget.

Right away Stephanie made our lives easier, communicating with vendors on our behalf and coming up with creative ideas. This included carriage rides through the French countryside, a picnic lunch with a bocce ball tournament, and themes like matching hats for the guests so they would be able to identify each other strolling around the grounds of the chateau. These touches are what made our Paris wedding feel so special.

Stephanie was a huge help in the big things and the little things. I realized the morning of the wedding that I’d forgotten my veil, and even though it was August and most of France was shut down, Stephanie found a way to buy a veil from a nearby town and had it sent via taxi to the chateau. She communicated with all of our vendors in a respectful and professional way that made them happy to be working with us. She also works with incredible vendors, and recommended a florist that perfectly fit our theme and budget.

In terms of little things, Stephanie helped us to buy milk and fruit for our baby so that we didn’t have to worry about going into town. She bought floaties for my niece who had forgotten hers and was sad about not being able to go swimming. She leant me pins from her hair after the ceremony when my hair needed touching up. There was literally no limit to the things Stephanie would do to help, to make our lives easier throughout our Paris wedding weekend.

Stephanie is also incredibly flexible and easy to work with. She is a great listener, and was willing to adjust things at the last-minute if we didn’t like something. She strikes a great balance between adding value in any way that she can while allowing space for the couple to be present to the events, and to truly enjoy every second.

Stephanie is an incredibly hard worker. She was always working to make sure everything is in place, and she did so in a very elegant, pro-active way. She is warm and fun and easy to be with, a friend we hope to keep in touch with and that we cannot recommend highly enough. When we arrived she was there to greet us with personalized welcome gifts, a touch that says a lot about Stephanie’s approach. We are so happy to have met Stephanie and look forward to being able to recommend her to others. »



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